Multi-lifespan Information System Design Workshop | Aarhus 2015

We invite individuals interested in longer-term thinking & interactive systems to attend our workshop  “Multi-lifespan Information System Design”, at the Aarhus 2015 Conference in Denmark. Workshop Framing: Genocide. HIV/AIDS. Famine. Deforestation. Forced exodus. These problems share some commonalities. In one way or another, they entail widespread losses to human beings, to other sentient beings, or to the natural world; moreover, those losses are not likely to be made up within the time frame of a single human lifespan (if ever). It is also the case that information and the interactive processes around information may have much to contribute to the solutions of these problems. How then might we explicitly address this class of problems through information system design? What unique opportunities exist for interactive information systems? What rigorous design knowledge and methods are needed to make progress? In a field known for cutting edge innovation, where devices over five years old are regarded as legacy, how can researchers and designers begin to consider processes and solutions that likely extend beyond a single human lifespan? These questions lay out critical considerations for the multi-lifespan information system design. In this workshop we draw on the organizers’ background and participants’ research and personal experiences in encountering significant societal issues that will unfold over very long periods of time. Our aim is to: (1) elaborate and identify new opportunities and challenges in taking up multi-lifespan information system design problems, and (2) generate critical and constructive discussions for further development of the multi-lifespan information system design thinking. Who should attend? Participants with diverse backgrounds and design experiences, including but not limited to, researchers, practitioners, designers, and educators. Please submit a position paper no later than May 15th.  June 1st [extended].

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